Smoove™ Universal Chain Lube

Smoove™ is a long lasting bicycle chain lube for use in any terrain. Smoove™ works in dry, wet, muddy or perfect sunshine conditions. Smoove™ reduces chain wear and increases the lifespan of drivetrain components. Smoove™ lasts longer between applications than most other chain lubricants, runs cleaner and is extremely durable. Love your chain – use Smoove™.

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Now with Luberetta Applicator

We are excited to announce the launch of an enhancement to our Smoove™ Universal Chain Lube. The new addition is the patented Luberetta applicator nozzle from Ryder Innovation, which ensures even application of the lube without any mess.

  • Patented silicon dispenser puts a drop on each link.
  • Dirt removing fins with silicon dispenser and chain guide.
  • Internal cap pin eliminates blockage and ensures no leakage.

LAsts Longer

Smoove™ Universal Chain Lube is a long lasting lubricant formulated to withstand even the most demanding conditions.

All Weather

Wet or dry? Smoove™ is extremely durable and one application lasts a whole ride, effectively protecting your mechanical drive train components from wear and tear.

Reduces Friction

Smoove™ also reduces friction, enabling you to unlock optimal performances. Smoove™ is self-cleansing, 100% biodegradable and solvent free.

How to Apply SMOOVE

Clean Chain

Thoroughly clean your chain with a good quality degreaser such as Smoove™ Prep Chain Cleaner. Rinse and let it dry completely. A new chain should also be cleaned to remove any oil or residue.

Clean Chain


Apply to a spotlessly clean chain that is thoroughly dry. Any moisture on the chain will prevent Smoove from adhering to the metal.



Apply in a constant flow onto the rollers while slowly back-pedaling until coated and spanning every other link. Work Smoove into the chain while continuing to back pedal ±10 times.


Leave to dry

Leave to dry/set for at least an hour, preferably overnight.

Leave to dry


Do not reapply or top-up until audibly required to do so - even after a wet ride or light wash. Smoove lasts much longer than most other lubes! Excessive application may result in build-up around jockey wheels and chainring.


A brilliant, long-lasting lube for all conditions. Smoove’s solution was the most expensive of the bunch in our five lube group test. However, it proved to be exceptionally effective, resulting in seemingly endless miles of quiet transmission.

Long-lasting, clean-running chain lube from South Africa. Smoove lube lasts forever and keeps your chain running smooth. Buy if, you want to worry less about your chain and ride more!

Smoove makes some bold claims about its chain lubricant, and my experience so far is that it really works. When a company claims to make ‘probably the hardest-wearing wax-based chain lube on the market,’ which ‘allows you to ride hundreds of miles between applications,’ I’d expect to see some results. Well, I did. I tried the Smoove Universal Chain Lube, and it’s true.

I’ve been using Smoove on and off road, and its biggest outing has actually been road-based, using just one application to ride the 890 miles between John O’ Groats and Land’s End at the end of December. No problem, and no dirt build-up. Off-road results have also been good, with the coating lasting several muddy rides before coming off.

My shifting has never been smoother, my drivetrain is muted, and the durability is extremely impressive. Add to that the dry, clean running with only a little build-up and it gets on this list.

One of the products found in the hunt for best in class – we have Smoove! From ZFC testing results this product has been brought on board replacing the spot previously held by Squirt.